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All Nations Reusable Cups

We’re excited to launch the All Nations reusable cup!

We’re really pleased that so many people stay for tea and coffee after church on Sunday, but we’re mindful that we’re spending about £1,500 a year on single-use paper cups. Therefore, we would like to phase these paper cups out and in their place encourage members to either bring their own reusable cup or better still, purchase one of our new All Nations reusable cups!

Having a lid, the All Nations reusable cups are much safer to use, and they fit nicely in a car’s cup holder – you could even take your cup to work!

These new All Nations cups will be available to purchase at church for just £4 (you will be able to pay by cash or card). We just ask that you bring your cup with you to church every week.

We know that this transition will take some getting used to, but we believe this will allow us to be better stewards of the things that God has given us.