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Because Of Calvary

Because Of Calvary

Because Of Calvary; an Easter poem written by Liz Cooper.

On the day at Calvary when Jesus was nailed to the cross, it seemed that all was lost,
His disciples scattered, bewildered and confused after betrayal and denial,
The broken hearted women waited at the foot and wept,
Jesus was mocked and taunted as the ‘King of the Jews’, who ‘couldn’t save himself now’,
Who could understand what was then happening?
Where was the triumphal King?
Who can imagine the pain, the anguish that Jesus bore for us that day?

Then for three hours God cloaked the sun,
And darkness like night covered the expectant land,
How the people must have feared and wondered what was about to come,
The Father’s heart must have been breaking for the suffering of his Son,

Then with a final cry Jesus released His last breath,
In that one moment everything changed,
All of history led to this point and prophecy on prophecy was being fulfilled,
The heavy price for sin and death was paid,
‘Hallelujah!’  the angels sing,

Nature responded to the magnitude of events,
The earth shook and rocks split open,
The temple curtain was torn in two from top to the bottom,
The gap was bridged between God and man, no more separation,
Heaven’s gates were open to all those who repent and believe.

Those who had begun their day with scorn in their hearts, awestruck, could only add their witness that ‘this man truly was the Son of God’,
We can only imagine the victory cries in Heaven because the final battle was won,
Yet, still those who loved Jesus did not understand the joy to come, 
With what sorrow did they lay Him in Joseph’s tomb on that Sabbath’s eve,

Yet, on the third day when Mary Magdalene returned to the tomb, with burial spices to anoint,
A shining angel, robed in white, rolled the stone away proclaiming:
‘He isn’t here! He has risen from the dead!’
Then the disciples came in bewilderment and saw the empty tomb with grave clothes folded neat,
Hope rose in their hearts as revelation came and they truly believed,
Jesus appeared to Mary and as he called her name, her weeping turned to joy at her Lord’s return,

Our Lord Jesus is alive both that day and today,
Death could not hold him and Satan could not win,
Jesus ascended to Heaven and is seated at God’s right hand,
So open your heart and ask him in today, His love and sacrifice have opened up the way!

He Has sent His Holy Spirit to guide us and bless us each day,
So praise God and join Heaven’s daily jubilee, for our Saviour, Jesus, is alive and He is our Eternal King!