Making Jesus known to everyone, everywhere

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Prayer Season

Online Prayer Meeting

Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for our online prayer meetings between 7am-8am.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups

Growth Groups help to create an environment where you can grow spiritually and are a place where you can share experiences and concerns with other Christians in a loving, relaxed setting.

Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome

We know that many people will be affected by the soaring cost of fuel bills this winter and as a church, we want to provide a warm welcome space that is free, welcoming and safe for our local community.

Young Adults

Young Adults (18-35s)

We are the young adults within the All Nations Reading fellowship. We are vibrant and passionate about sharing our Christian life with our contemporaries and believe that to live an effective life for Jesus we must be practical.


Limitless Youth

Every Friday our Limitless Youth group meet for young people aged 11-18.