Making Jesus known to everyone, everywhere

We know you will love our main Sunday gatherings, but the ideal place to grow friendships is in our small groups. We have various Growth Groups that meet throughout the week, either in person or online.

Each group is slightly different in feel but they all seek to fulfil our four priorities of Mission, Discipleship, Worship and Legacy.

Growth is not just about personal growth. We grow in three ways in a Growth Group: 

  • Spiritually, as we grow closer to Jesus.
  • Serving, as we seek to serve others and encourage other members of the group
  • Flourishing, healthy groups should grow numerically and eventually sub-divide.

We would love to have at least one Growth Group in each ward of Reading and beyond.

They are where connection is made, friendships are grown, where we nurture and develop our gifts, pray and are equipped for life. They’re also great places to have fun, laugh and cry together, as everyone supports one another.

If you are interested in joining a group, please complete the form found on this page.