Making Jesus known to everyone, everywhere


We believe that worship is quite simply what we were created for and is one of our four priorities as a church. 

Our worship team aims to facilitate authentic worship where everyone is invited to encounter the presence of God.

The very reason we were born was to have intimacy with God (Isaiah 43:21).

We want to co-labour with God and facilitate an environment in worship where people can have a real encounter with Jesus. Jesus is the gateway to God. By putting Jesus central to our worship we encounter the presence of God by the power of His Holy Spirit. We are a trinitarian church.

Our team is not just made up of people whose gifting is within singing and instrumentation, but also people who serve on the technical side from running the church’s live stream, to people whose gifting lies in the audio/visual side of what we do. 

We also have those on the team who serve as watchmen to intercede in prayer and those who have a gifting within administration. 

Together we function as one team to lead the worship on a Sunday morning. 

Our team is involved in leading worship both here at All Nations and at other events and gatherings around the town and beyond.

Please contact Aaron Dolding to find out more.