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Re-Connection Supper

Men’s Re-Connection Supper

Following the small success of the St George’s Day Re-Connection Supper and Pastor Billy’s recent exhortations about meeting together and returning to church in a Covid safe manner, we are planning to “go bigger” for the May 2021 Men’s Event.

Now obviously this is subject to Government restrictions and guidelines:

  • If there is no gradual relaxation of rules as currently road-mapped on 17th May and only 6 people can meet outside, then we will do exactly the same format as we ran on St George’s Day. If that is the case, we will need a number of men to volunteer to host events of up to 6 men each in their gardens in and around Reading like last time.
  • However, if the Government allows up to 30 people to meet outside, then we will be meeting in a good-sized garden where 30 guys can safely gather.

The event will be:

  1. Start at 7pm, Friday 21st May 2021. Finish 9.30pm.
  2. Free hot dogs (let me know of any special dietary requirements via the form)
  3. Please bring your own drink (and container) of your choice.
  4. You can bring your sons (Bar Mitzvah age and above – on St George’s Day our youngest was 17, our oldest was 80!). 
  5. You will be able to park in the local car park and then walk 300 metres to the venue.
  6. There will be a relaxed croquet tournament on the night for all “sporty” types
  7. Otherwise, sit by a firepit, eat sausages and re-connect with your Brothers-in-Christ.

If you intend to bring any other male members of your household, please ensure you add them an additional people in the form below.

Please sign up as quickly as you can!