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Alistair Time

Thought For The Week – Time

Alistair shares his thought from the week on time.

We’re going to start this week’s Thought for the Week with a riddle. What passes by but never comes back? The answer is the present.

And you know, isn’t it interesting that life is made up of all of these pockets of time that come and go and each decision we make, whether good or bad, affects the kind of future that we live in, which invariably means that we have some influence over what our future could look like.

And we can think of time in two ways. Time can either be a great ally or a great tool, or time could be your master. And how we use our moments day to day will eventually dictate the kind of relationship that we have with time, whether time is your friend or whether time is your boss and tells you what to do. So if I was to bring it to a more personal level, I think about myself, sort of seeing my patients every day, having to be in clinic for a set time every day, but always complaining that I never have enough time for God. Well, you know, I have to think about my mornings. Am I going to sleep late and waking up late, rushing to clinic in the morning, being behind on patients, meaning that I’m spending all this time doing admin, not giving myself space to think or calibrate, spend time with God? Or am I waking up earlier in the day after going to bed at a good time, getting a good night’s rest, so that I can be ready to do my diversion in the morning, even if it’s 10, 15 minutes where I’m just able to wake up, pray, get through my word, and actually fill my mind with the oracles and with the word of God and allow my spirit to be rejuvenated and refilled? All it would take is 10 minutes for me to be able to fill that, and I notice the difference every time I spend 10 minutes doing that in the morning, as opposed to rushing straight out of the door with an apple in my mouth trying to consume breakfast while I drive.

Ecclesiastes talks about time being something that comes to all. Time and opportunity come to every man. That’s what Ecclesiastes says. That looks at the relationship between how our time is spent and how we experience life.

Ephesians and Colossians look at, you know, redeeming time and redeeming the days for they are evil. Really, really putting a light on the fact that every moment that we spend is either a moment where God has our mind or a moment where the world is pulling away our focus and slowly but surely turning us or recalibrating us into something different, making time a boss dictating what we should do as opposed to being a tool that we could use to serve God and be a bit astute to the world around us. So something to think about, right?

Well, I wish you all the best, God bless and I pray in the name of Jesus that we all use our time to serve God humbly and honestly.

God bless.

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