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Bina Freedom In Christ

Thought For The Week – Freedom In Christ

Bina shares her thought from the week; freedom in Christ.

When I was a child one of the most exciting things was thinking about the freedom that you would get when you become an adult. Being able to do what you wanted when you wanted it and how you wanted it, but obviously now being a young lady in her mid-20s you start to realize that is actually not what being an adult is about and freedom isn’t about that either.

Galatians 5 verse 18 says

true freedom is being led by the spirit and therefore you are not under the law.

Freedom actually has a lot to do with obedience and obedience in Christ.

We know the famous quote that is paraphrased in 1 Samuel 15 that says

“obedience is better than sacrifice”

And actually, the kind of freedom where you make and you set the rules for yourself is actually a life that produces sin. At this level, it means that trusting yourself above God’s word leads you to live a sinful life and therefore a life where you think is free. But in actual fact, it’s a life that’s in bondage.

Imagine you had a few apple seeds and you wanted to gain some apples and you know as we all know that apple seeds require light, sunshine and various other bits of pieces. But in order for you to gain those apples you need to be planted, you need to have that water, you need to have the sunlight and all the other things in order to produce a tree that bears apples. But when those seeds are planted, those apples do not expect to become grapes, and grapes do not expect to become bananas.

And so in finding out your true freedom in Christ, you also find the identity that you have in Christ. It makes it easier to live a life where you have true freedom and understanding that is obedience to Him and trusting Him above your own will, where you find your true identity. When you do find that true identity, the Word of God also promises that you will bear much fruit. And as we know, the type of fruit that we gain is the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control against such things there is no law. So actually true freedom has nothing to do with doing what we want, where we want and where we want it. But true freedom is about living a life where we’re obedient to what Christ wants, what he wants us to do, where he wants us to go and when he wants us to do it. And so true freedom is about life in the spirit.

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