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Saints Terranean Homecoming Blues

Saints Terranean Homecoming Blues

As Bob Dylan so very nearly once said “Everybody must get saved!”. Here is our reworking to another of his songs “Subterranean Homesick Blues“:


Jesus on the hillside
Holy Spirit inside
Pointing out the right path
To avoid the Lord’s wrath.
The Man from the Red Sea
Nazareth, Galilee
Son of Man, Son of God
Walk the way He once trod

This Word’s for you
Somethin’ you must do
God knows when
But He’s coming back again
You better get on your knees and pray
Lookin’ for a better way
King of Kings, standing before you
Came to claim lost souls, Gentile or Jew

satan comes in the night
Preys upon the upright
Good hearts get a fright
Inner peace takes flight
You wake up, break of day
Jesus has the last say
Speaks truth, come what may
Orders from Yahweh

Look out you
It matters what you do
Don’t step on no toes
Don’t fight your Bro’s
Try to make peace with those
That hang around with your foes
Keep a clean nose;
Wear demure clothes;
You don’t need a Sat-Nav
To know the road the Lord chose

Oh, He helps the sick get well
Turns around the lost as well
Shares news hard to tell
Any sin? You’re goin’ to Hell.
Pray hard, get unbarred
Get it back, like Seth
Get saved, cheat death
Even with your last breath

Rise up Saints
And break your restraints
You boozers, cheaters,
Quick-fix users,
Hanging round the bleaters
Mouth like a cesspool
Lookin’ like a real fool
Don’t follow sinners, repent and be a winner

Oh, re-born, reform
Repent, Heaven sent
Rise up, get blessed,
Time to be a success
Love her, love him, be swift
Don’t stall, praise lift
Twenty years of sinning
And He treats you like you’re God’s gift

Look out friend
For nigh is the end
You won’t find a loophole
Won’t help to light a candle
Kiss His sandals
Or try to dodge the scandals
Don’t want to go below?
Give in, let go
Swept up in the overflow
‘Cause Jesus is the name to know