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Homeless man

Volunteers Needed

The Queens Arms alcohol-free pub at 24 Great Knollys Street, Reading is looking for volunteers for their all night cafe that will offer free food and drinks and a safe place to stay all night for the homeless people of Reading.

The cafe will be open 2 days per week initially and volunteers will be needed in shifts. Approximate timings:

  • 9pm-11pm: Setting up/cooking/welcoming
  • 11pm-6.30am: 3 volunteers sleeping in shifts
  • 6.30am-8.30am: Breakfast/clearing away

A volunteer interest day will be held on Saturday 29th September 11am-12.30pm and 1pm-2.30pm. A volunteer training and induction day will be held on Saturday 20th October 10am-4pm.

If you are interested, please email New Beginnings at or visit newbeginningsreading.org.