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Hosanna! Hosanna! A Palm Sunday Poem

Hosanna! Hosanna! A Palm Sunday Poem

Hosanna! Hosanna! A Palm Sunday Poem written by Debbie Schofield

It was a morning, so bright and clear
The disciples and Jesus were staying quite near
In Jerusalem, it was nearly Passover day
And soon they would all be heading that way.

Jesus said to them, go find a colt
A donkey that is, one that won’t bolt
Bring the beast back for Jesus to ride.
Who would hold the reins, they couldn’t decide.

They found the animal just as he said
All ready to go, having just been fed.
But never been ridden before you see.
What a special first ride that would turn out to be.

They threw coats on the donkey to create a seat.
Helped Jesus on and knelt at his feet.
As they lead him down the rocky road
A crowd began to gather to see the colt’s load.

Once they saw who it’s was, their shouts did out ring.
Hosanna, hosanna, it’s Jesus the King!
Waving palm branches and shouting his name.
It seems like Jesus was destined for fame.

It’s funny to think though it was only a week
When the tables had turned and the disciples would seek
To all hideaway as Jesus was dead.
Nailed to a cross, a crown of thorns on his head.

Then three days later the world would awake
To news so amazing for all of our sake.
That Jesus so welcomed and then killed by the mob!
Was dead but now risen oh glory to God!

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