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For Anyone

For Anyone – Thought For The Week

This week our thought for the week is a poem written by Liz Cooper, entitled For Anyone.

For anyone who is just holding on,
Who is clinging to life by their fingertips,

For anyone who puts on a brave face,
And doesn’t think anyone sees when the guard drops and the smile slips,

For anyone who is holding it all,
Frightened what would happen if they let it all go,

For anyone who has a bubbling swell of emotions running just under the surface,
That is sometimes under control,
And sometimes threatens to overflow,

For anyone who brightly answers that they are ‘fine’
When inside they are anything but,

For anyone who will crumble at a simple kindness shown,
For anyone who takes a huge gulp to bravely face each day,

For anyone in pain and feeling alone,
For anyone who needs to know how much they are loved,

For anyone who needs Him,
Jesus is there,
He sees your silent tears,
Hears your silent prayers,
Understands your silent sighs,

Nothing is hidden from His sight,
And His love for you is never-ending,
For anyone who seeks Him, He is waiting for you.
For anyone.

Every week one of our members shares a short thought aiming to inspire you for the week. You can watch previous Thought For The Week videos by clicking here.