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Find A Quiet Place

Find A Quiet Place – Thought For The Week

This week our thought for the week is a poem written by Liz Cooper, entitled Find A Quiet Place.

Make time,
Find a quiet place,
Close the door,
Turn the music off,
Quieten your thoughts,
Calm your breathing,
And just be still,
Still in My presence.

Listen for My whispers,
My heart speaking to yours,
In the quietness know My healing touch,
Mind, soul, spirit in harmony with My will,
A release of joy and perfect peace,
Just be still,
Just wait there,
There is nowhere else you need to be.

A place of wholeness,
Where you’ll meet my holiness,
And dwell where My angels praise Me,
An earthly silence filled with Heaven’s melodies,
Lift up your worship to Me,
And just be,
Just be still in My presence,
Lay out your heart to Me,
Ask Me to speak,
And wait,
And listen to Me.

Every week one of our members shares a short thought aiming to inspire you for the week. You can watch previous Thought For The Week videos by clicking here.