Making Jesus known to everyone, everywhere

Sunday Service with Mark Greenwood

Mark Greenwood will be our guest speaker at our 10am service.

Mark, who has been a full-time evangelist since 1988, is an ordained Elim evangelist and also an associate evangelist with J.John, who has been a mentor to Mark.

Known as an evangelist who presents the gospel in a humorous and engaging way, Mark loves equipping Christians to share their faith, giving them resources to help. He is passionate about helping the local church to build an evangelism culture that works and loves changing the perception that those outside the church have about Christianity.

As well as functioning as a full-time itinerant evangelist, Mark has also served part-time on the ministry team of two churches, helping them create an evangelism culture and pattern. Mark is married to Emma and they have two girls called Robin and Nathalie. He loves coffee, gadgets, bags, brogues and curry and is a classic extrovert.

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