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Ladies Breakfast

Aspire Ladies Breakfast

We will be having a ladies’ breakfast at All Nations Christian Centre on Saturday 8th July at 9am with guest speaker Dr Sarah Tun. The theme of her talk with be on “Speaking Life”

If you would like to join us, please complete the booking form below. There will be a suggested donation of £5.

Dr Sarah Tun is an author, preacher, former school teacher, worship leader and general all-around Bible lover.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, she has lived on three continents and travelled to most of the others, learning lots about life on Earth… and beyond!

Sarah came to the Lord when she was 24, having been raised in a denominational home. She always believed in Jesus but didn’t know a relationship with Him was possible. Reading a book that advised her to read the Bible and pray, Sarah did just that, starting with Matthew. A few weeks later she had a pivotal moment with the LORD: “If you’re really there, show me and I’ll follow you.” Well, He did and she has followed ever since.

When Sarah isn’t cloistered in her study, writing for her audience, you can catch her presenting on Revelation Television UK, or walking along the riverside near her home in Berkshire, England. Sarah has written several books and speaks on various platforms. She is a Watchman first and foremost, praying as an intercessor for Westminster Parliament in particular and of course concerning many other current situations.

Sarah is keen for all of us to discover the strength inside of us which comes from the Creator God, who has put into each of us a unique identity and purpose. If you are interested in finding out more about Dr Sarah, you’ll find her at She invites you to follow her weekly blog: “Preparing the Bride”.