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Rich Villodas

ELS 2022 – Rich Villodas – The Abiding Life

We live in a fractured world. A “CPR” world. The convergence of Covid, Political animus and Racial fragmentation has intensified the existing challenges in our lives and communities. How do we abide well in God, with others and with ourselves at this moment? In this session, Rich Villodas will explore “the abiding life” out of John 15. We will discover that the key to our wholeness is found in the way of Jesus.

Join us from the Elim Leaders Summit 2022 in Harrogate.

Rich Villodas is the Brooklyn-born lead pastor of New Life Fellowship, a large, multiracial church with more than seventy-five countries represented in Elmhurst, Queens. He is also a key speaker for Emotionally Healthy Discipleship—a movement that has touched hundreds of thousands of people. Rich graduated with a BA in pastoral ministry and theology from Nyack College. He went on to complete his master of divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary. His award-winning book, The Deeply Formed Life, was released in September 2020.