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Elim Leaders Summit 2022

Elim Leaders Summit 2022

Watch the main sessions online from the Elim Leaders Summit 2022 in Harrogate.

We are called to the unstoppable mission of Christ, reaching people in our communities, as well as the nations, as we engage in fresh adventures of mission.

A Vision Of Lights – Jonathan Oloyede

Many leaders and believers pray for the revival and transformation of the church from hope and desire. Jonathan Oloyede shares what he has been shown could happen in the future.

The Unstoppable Mission Of God – Chris Cartwright

At the core of the Christian gospel is a God of mission who sent His only Son Jesus as the Saviour of the world. Jesus called and still calls people in real places to life-changing relationships. In intimacy and deep surrender, Jesus moves us with His heart for lost people and empowers us with His Spirit. In this message, Chris Cartwright shares that it is time for us to respond afresh to His call and to join Him in His unstoppable mission.

Spiritual Architects – Rachel Hickson

It is time to awaken our nations with HOPE, serve our community with kindness and redefine our practice and purpose as the church in these new days!

A Moment Of Movement For His Glory-Filled Church – Mark Pugh

Jesus is looking for brave leaders to get on their faces, fall deeply in love with him and rise with fresh faith to reveal his glory to the nations. He is raising kingdom serving apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who will unite to break off the limitations of small thinking and embrace the God of the impossible. Will we take this moment to be a movement of his glory-filled Church?

The Abiding Life – Rich Villodas

We live in a fractured world. A “CPR” world. The convergence of Covid, Political animus and Racial fragmentation has intensified the existing challenges in our lives and communities. How do we abide well in God, with others and with ourselves at this moment? In this session, Rich Villodas will explore “the abiding life” out of John 15. We will discover that the key to our wholeness is found in the way of Jesus.

Spiritual Formation For This Generation – Rich Villodas

Rich Villodas offers a robust, integrated framework for spiritual formation that holds together the values of contemplative rhythms, racial justice, interior examination, sexual wholeness, and missional presence. You will gain a theology to engage these areas, and a few practices to help you get started on the journey. The framework you will be exposed to comes out of Rich’s award-winning book, The Deeply Formed Life.