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Kit don't force a position

Don’t Force A Position God Hasn’t Called You In | Thought For The Week

Kit shares his thought for the week; don’t force a position God hasn’t called you in.

So we recently came back from visiting Harrogate to go to the Elim Leaders Summit and in between the sessions and the seminars we had a bit of downtime to explore the area. Now, I came across a clothes store that was doing an amazing deal on shoes! I mean, these shoes were £80 normal retail price, all the way down to £35 and there was a pair that I absolutely loved, but they didn’t have my size and I was gutted!

But I tried the size smaller on anyway, just to see how they would fit. But when I put them on, no matter how good they looked, they were just too uncomfortable. So I didn’t get a pair.

But I felt God remind me that sometimes that happens in our Christian lives; sometimes there are certain things that we feel like we’re called into, or we’re attracted to, like preaching or being a travelling evangelist or whatever it may be. But it’s not quite right – it’s not the size that God has called us into.

And I just want to give a little warning to pressing into something that God hasn’t given us because the more that we press into it, the more that we might get hurt.

Just the same as we have shoes that might be a size too small, you might get blisters or your toes might get squeezed at the ends and it’s just going to be an uncomfortable experience.

So I just want to encourage the church just to assess your life, assess your callings and where your desires might be because of the danger of going for something that God hasn’t called you for. You might end up being more uncomfortable and more in pain than when you started.

So I just want to pray quickly into that.

Heavenly Father we pray that as we assess our lives and as we assess the calling that you have for us, Lord, I pray that we don’t get distracted by the shiny things, we don’t get distracted by the desires of what we think is right, Lord. I pray that we just hold tight to what You have given us and what have you called us into. So we have a comfortable experience with you, Lord Jesus, and a comfortable experience in sharing the gospel without trying to force something that wasn’t right. Lord, I pray for a good rest of the week and I pray for health and blessings on all of our people at All Nations.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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