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All Nations Christian Centre


As with all community groups, we need to play our part in helping to control the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 to keep ourselves and others as safe as we possibly can. In this respect, we need to be particularly mindful of those for whom contracting the virus could have serious consequences.

As we follow the public health advice, which I stress we must all do, we of course must continue to trust in the Lord and in the power of His might. We need to pray for those who are ill, vulnerable or affected in other ways and for those in authority including all of our health and public services.

Until the public health advice changes, we will be continuing to hold all of our regular services and meetings as usual. We are reviewing some of our mid-week activities which it may be prudent to suspend for the time being. We will also be amending the way in which we serve Communion until further notice.

It will be a condition for everyone attending a meeting at the church either to use the hand gel that will be provided at the entrance or to wash their hands in one of the toilet facilities before going into a service. Those who do not wish to follow this advice will not be allowed into the service.

All visitors and regular attenders should adhere to the clear public health advice which is to regularly wash hands in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds (just about the time it takes to recite the Lord’s prayer).

Anyone with a new and persistent cough or a temperature should not attend any services and should instead self isolate for at least seven days.

Anyone who has come into contact with an individual who has tested positive for coronavirus should not attend services and should instead self isolate.

Anyone who has tested positive for the virus should not attend services and should instead self isolate and follow any specific advice from medical professionals.

Also, if you test positive for the virus and you have attended meetings at the church, it would be helpful if you called the office to let us know so that others who may have come into contact with you can self isolate for the protection of others.

For those who are self isolating we all need to ensure that we are providing support and practical help. If you do need to self isolate and you do not have support from friends and family please call the Church office to let us know. Unless you tell us, we will not know. We will then be able to assist if you need help in buying food, medicines or other provisions. We must also ensure to support one another by regularly checking in by telephone or Skype with those who are self isolation. If you are willing to help those who are needing to self isolate, please contact the office to let us know.