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Milly Ascribing Greatness

Ascribing Greatness – Thought For The Week

Milly shares her thought for the week; ascribing greatness.

I’m sure that, like me, you are moved by David’s authenticity as displayed in the Psalms. You get the sense he felt so close to his daddy-god, he could tell him exactly how he felt about his situation. He laid it all bare, his pain, his grief, his fear, his feelings of being abandoned by God. But the great thing about this is that he never stopped there.

In his Psalms, we see that lamenting was followed by acknowledging who God is. By “ascribing greatness to God.”

For I will proclaim the name of the Lord;
    ascribe greatness to our God!
The Rock, his work is perfect,
    for all his ways are justice.
A God of faithfulness and without iniquity,
    just and upright is he.

Deuteronomy 32:3-4

Ascribing greatness to God means you’re declaring who he is, his nature, his attributes, his power, his might, his majesty. In terms of his nature, the scripture tells us that he’s a loving, caring, compassionate, merciful daddy. We see that he went on walks with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the evening. This tells us that his desire is to be in a relationship with us.

Right through the Old Testament, we see him being involved in the affairs of Israel in particular. He was and continues to be Jehovah Rohi, our shepherd, Jehovah Shalom, our peace, Jehovah Sali, our rock, Jehovah Gibbor Milchamah, mighty in battle, Jehovah Maozi, our fortress. The list is endless!

We can also ascribe greatness in terms of his power, might, glory and majesty as displayed in his creation. And the thing is that he didn’t have to sit behind a design board or carry out lab experiments to determine what would work and what wouldn’t. No, all he had to do was speak and the world came into existence. He spoke light into the darkness, resources where there was void, order where there was chaos.

Ascribing greatness also means declaring what it has done for you, for those you know, and for those you’ve heard about. Think about the fact that he split the Red Sea for the people of Israel to walk through. The fact that he was their pillar of cloud by day and their pillar of fire by night.

Think of the miracles of Jesus. Think about all he’s seen you through, the doors he’s opened for you, the times he’s healed you, protected you and provided for you.

Ascribing greatness to God gives him the glory that’s due his name. You’re placing him where he is meant to be. He is so worthy. And the thing is that as you do so, everything in your spirit starts to align itself with the word of God.

God bless you.

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