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Extension March Update

March Annex Update

Extension March 2018All Nations Christian Centre is part-way through the construction of a new annex which will provide 4 additional rooms, as well as an extension to our current kitchen.

The annex will provide our growing children and youth groups much-needed space as well as serving the community. As a church we have been able to help the homeless and those in the community who have been in need, and we are hoping with the extension it will give us even more scope to continue with this work.

The annex is coming at a cost and though we can fund most of the work, there could potentially be a shortfall of £120,000. This will not be known until April or May when we will hear if we need to pay VAT for this project.

We are asking for favourable donations on 25th March & 29th April, such as buying a chair for £30 or buying bricks ranging from £10-£5,000. If you normally gift aid, please put your number & Building Fund as reference. Make cheques payable to ‘All Nations Christian Centre’. You may also be in a position to give us an interest-free short term loan.

We pray that you will be blessed by any contribution you can offer us.

Should you wish to help with a loan please email Pastor Billy Fenning: or our finance officer Robert Asamoah: