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Amanuel Sacrifice, Service and Courage

Thought For The Week – Sacrifice, Service and Courage

Amanuel shares his thought from the week; sacrifice, service and courage.

As you may know, we meet every single Tuesday as a group of young adults where we pray and discuss the Word of God. This week the main topic was Romans 12 and the understanding of how to be a Christian.

There were three main points that we took away; the first one is to sacrifice ourselves, and our bodies. The scripture says you present your bodies as a living sacrifice that’s acceptable to God and that is not by conforming to the world but actually by renewing our mind and renewing our spirit through the scripture, through God’s presence, through spending time with other Christians.

We also learned to serve God with our spiritual gifts and that meant that every single one of us has a job to do in this world. Every single one of us is assigned a job and we all are doing different things and we all are good at different things. Not everyone is meant to preach, not everyone is meant to encourage, not everyone is meant to counsel, but everyone is meant to be doing something for God and we’re all meant to serve God. So how do we do that? The more we spend time with God, the more we actually go into our scripture, the more we behave like Christians, and we actually are encouraged to become like Jesus. And that only means one thing, that we all end up serving God and inspiring others to serve God.

So today I just wanted to encourage you to just think of how God can use you and how God can use the gifts that He’s given you in your life. No matter the age you’re at; if you’re 7, if you’re 15, if you’re 25, if you’re 50, if you’re 60, if you’re 90, you still have something to do! So I just want to encourage everyone to make sure that you keep close to God and you keep being in the word, keep spending time with God and keep spending time with people of God and this will get a lot easier. You’ll get more courageous, you’ll get more faith, and you’ll get more trust to do the things that God is asking you to do.

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