Glorifying God, serving one another, extending His kingdom.

The Men’s ministry at All Nations is multi faceted and we cannot cover everything here but we want to highlight three key objectives.


We want generations to be there for each other. Grandfathers, fathers and sons (“GFS”) – even if there is not a biological connection. Young men need advice and wisdom, old men need helps, middle aged men need both!

“GFS” comes in many forms but the more each guy puts in, the more blessing will flow out to the guy himself, his brothers in Christ and the wider community. It is expressed as “GFS” but it is not purely an aged based concept; young, spiritually-mature men can provide wisdom and advice to older but newer Christians. The point is being there for each other and building each other up.


All men in the church need to recognise their responsibility to support, encourage, honour and care for women as Christ loves the church. We are really grateful we are able to support “Be Free” financially.

For more information on “Be Free” please see visit the Be Free website.

We are looking to support other community projects through the year.


All men in church must know guys outside the church they would love to see saved. A life with Christ is the best life any man can have. We need to provide those opportunities through worship, prayer, food and activities.

If we all start to get these three things right then we will start to get our responsibilities to God, each other and the wider community right as well.

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