Glorifying God, serving one another, extending His kingdom.
Pyramid Rock

Pyramid Rock Holiday Club

Travel up the Nile, open the scrolls in a Pyramid Group and encounter Joseph who trusted God despite everything! Take part in games, songs, crafts and much more.

Our holiday club is free for boys and girls aged 5-11.


Registration is now closed for this year. Details of next year’s holiday club will be posted on our website early next year.


If you are a church member and would like to join our team, please speak to Debbie. Whether its for one morning, or the whole week, we need help in many areas, including:

Children’s team

Working alongside and with the children every day – forming relationships and helping them to be engaged with the bible story and activities. Answering their questions and developing their understanding of who God is and his love for them. Training will be given for anyone new to this team.

Support team

Providing teas and coffees for the adults, drinks and snacks for the children. Being the welcoming face for the parents and children by registering the children each day. Ensuring the resources are organised for each day and being on hand in case of any emergencies or last minute issues.

Prayer team

Prayer is the most important part of our week. We believe that God has a plan for each and every child coming to our holiday club and we want to follow his will. Members of this team will be given specific team members to pray for and points for prayer throughout the week. We will also arrange a prayer meeting before the week itself starts.

Technical team

Part of engaging the children is all about the audio visual. We need people to work on the technical side throughout the week including set up and take down but also in the months leading up to Holiday Club.

Set up/take down team

Being available on Sunday 29th July from 5pm to help set up for the holiday club. We have a few hours on this Sunday evening to create something special for the children. Furniture needs moving, lights and other technical equipment needs putting in place. The stage needs to be transformed and space for the groups of children needs to be created. Also on Sunday 5th August we need people to help us to take the church back to 2018. Many hands make light work here especially when there is a fun day happening outside.

Set design and props/costumes team

Amongst other things we may need a large Pyramid to be constructed before the holiday club starts and want to take the children back to the time of the Egyptians. We are looking for people with sewing, painting, constructing expertise but also for people who have time to go to charity shops or search the internet for useful items.

Parent welcome team

Something new for 2018 is to engage the parents more during holiday club. Often they head out for a coffee with each other so we thought this was something we could provide for them. This team will be part of forming lasting relationships with these families that we hope will go beyond the Holiday Club week.