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Elim Leaders Summit 2023

Elim Leaders Summit 2023

Watch the main sessions online from the Elim Leaders Summit 2023.

You can also listen to the other seminars on Elim’s Podcast.

Power – Danielle Strickland

God’s power is as different from as it is greater than any other power. How can we live the alternative vision of the good gospel in the present moment? We need power.

Confrontation – Danielle Strickland

God’s power will always be a confrontation to the powers of this world. How do we fight against the principalities and power of this world using God’s power in a way that brings life?

Messengers Of Hope In Times Of Challenge – Gavin Calver

How can we be distinct and hopeful amid so many obstacles in our cultural landscape?

What Do You See? – Boyd Ratnaraja

Clarity provides momentum, confidence, and direction. Clarity is a leader’s best friend. When a leader has clarity, everyone wins. What do you see? Join Boyd as we journey together in pursuit of clarity.

Called To The Harvest – Chris Cartwright

In times of challenge and crisis, the Holy Spirit is awakening the global church to a season of unparalleled opportunity for the advance of the gospel. We are being called back into the harvest field for this generation.


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